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Bringing our customer promise to life through the supply chain

GrandVision’s supply chain is a key element through which our customer promise is delivered. Flexible, efficient and sustainable, it has allowed us to create and maintain a broad, innovative and customer oriented assortment of products. It has also provided us with high quality prescription glass finishing capabilities, and strong product quality control.


We only select suppliers who share our passion and commitment, and who recognize their responsibility towards those they employ and the communities they affect. In many areas we have developed our own products and supply chain capabilities, which meet our customers’ needs by being better, faster or more affordable.

Quality management

Product quality is closely linked to sustainability. High quality products are durable, safe and superior and have been manufactured in appropriate social and environmental conditions. To achieve high quality, we work at every stage of the value chain – from the initial design and selection of materials, through to manufacturing and distribution – using only the best techniques available.

To make sure we do this consistently, we have installed quality managers across our supply chain organization who monitor the quality of our products, and ensure they comply with global quality standards.

Over the years, our increased focus on building a compliant, sustainable and world-class operating model has led us to make organizational changes and allocate significant resources towards our value-enhancing competences.


The TechCenter strategy enables us to enhance the quality, affordability and sustainability of our products, while allowing our store staff to focus their attention on serving our customers. By assembling our spectacles at industrialized cut, edge and fit facilities, we have more professional production processes in place, and tight controls on health, safety and environmental standards.

At the same time, TechCenters allow us to better recycle our production waste. By the end of 2016, approximately 67% of all lenses were cut, edged and mounted at GrandVision TechCenters.


As a global leader in optical retail, GrandVision focuses on sustainability in all areas. Special attention and high standards determine where and how our products and services are sourced. We also work closely with our suppliers and partners to reduce the impact we have on the environment, adhere to the highest ethical standards, and find evermore sustainable ways of working.

To deliver on our sustainability strategy we are:

  • Promoting better and safer ways of working
  • Adopting new ways to reduce the environmental impact through products, services, processes and techniques that lower our environmental footprint
  • Conducting business in a fair and ethical manner
  • Actively engaging with and supporting the communities in which we operate

Through our Code of Conduct, we communicate our expectations in each of these areas and actively audit supplier performance. We then work to ensure any issues are quickly addressed.

GrandVision's TechCenter, UK
Edging and fitting the lenses