Remuneration report

The objective of GrandVision’s remuneration policy is to attract, motivate and retain management that is qualified for an international company of GrandVision’s size by means of a market-compliant policy.

The Supervisory Board established the remuneration of the members of the Management Board in accordance with the Management Board remuneration policy as adopted and the arrangements for remuneration in the form of shares or rights to subscribe for shares that have been approved by the General Meeting effective as of 5 February 2015.

As a listed company, GrandVision recognizes the principles of good governance, and best-practice provision II.2.12 of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code which stipulates that information must be included in the remuneration report as to the manner in which the remuneration policy of the preceding year has been implemented. In addition, it must contain an overview of the remuneration policy envisaged by the Supervisory Board for the upcoming and subsequent years.

The first part of this remuneration report describes the remuneration for the members of the Management Board in 2016, while the second part sets out the remuneration policy that has been adopted for 2016 and subsequent years as envisaged by the Supervisory Board. The report concludes with the details of the remuneration policy applied for the Supervisory Board in 2016.