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Launching GrandVision's franchise model in Brazil

Representing almost 20% of our store base, the GrandVision franchise model allows us to accelerate our global expansion and foster a culture of entrepreneurship across our network. Until recently, these franchises were primarily located in our G4 markets, namely Benelux, France and Germany.

At GrandVision we apply a well structured and defined franchise model in which many products and services are made available to our franchise partner, including products, laboratory services, store concepts, trainings, commercial policies and marketing support. In doing so, we make sure our commercial proposition stays aligned across all stores and fully integrated into each country’s retail network, while at the same time, guaranteeing our franchise partners their entrepreneurial independence and allowing them to focus on serving their customers. This also allows for a better leveraging of marketing and media, and creates a consistent and superior customer experience.

Emerging markets have gained increasing importance for eye care penetration with the rapid expansion of local middle classes, which has led GrandVision to also pursue a franchise model in these regions.

In 2016, we introduced our successful franchise model in Brazil through our local retail banner Fototica, as part of a long-term sustainable growth plan. During the year, Brazil started to introduce the first franchise stores both by opening new stores and transferring own stores into a franchise model, all applying GrandVision’s successful customized store format. The openings were supported by an extensive marketing and communications campaign comprising local and social media which generated a buzz among local customers and potential franchisees.

The franchise model in Brazil allows us to benefit from the country’s entrepreneurial culture and specific regulations, while providing a flexible expansion platform for the future.

GrandVision by Fototica store at Eldorado shopping mall in São Paulo
GrandVision by Fototica store opening event; GrandVision's stand at Abioptica in São Paulo