Leveraging the GrandVision brand identity

GrandVision has started to leverage its brand identity globally, so as to present our customer proposition in a consistent way wherever we operate. In doing so, we enhance our recognition in the market and further adapt to customer preferences. We embed our ‘EYE CARE, WE CARE MORE’ brand promise into our logo; the so-called ‘Caring Eye’ logo. The Caring Eye represents the care, transparency and attention to detail that distinguishes GrandVision. It also increases the brand awareness of our local banners by connecting them to GrandVision's brand promise of providing high quality, affordable eye care and a consistent customer experience around the world.

Following first implementations in 2015, the Caring Eye logo was introduced to additional markets in 2016. For example, in countries such as Norway, Portugal and Turkey, the brand identities of well-known banners Brilleland, Multiopticas and Atasun were evolved to benefit from the GrandVision brand values.

For some retail banners we implemented a co-branding strategy, where emphasis can be placed either on the local brand or the GrandVision brand depending on the relative brand equities in individual markets. For example, in Italy the local brand names Avanzi and Optissimo are currently being rebranded to GrandVision by Avanzi and GrandVision by Optissimo.

In addition to our global brand identity, we created a more standardized store concept that delivers a consistent customer experience and guarantees the same high quality service while being more cost efficient. This store concept is aligned with the GrandVision brand identity and has a distinctive harmonized layout and optimized store design.