Innovating through Solaris sunglasses

The sunglass market is an attractive part of the global eyewear market, representing approximately 15% of sales and a projected growth rate of 6.4% over the next five years. This growth rate is driven by increased consumer awareness and demand for protection against ultraviolet radiation and glare, as well as the growing popularity of sunglasses as a fashion item.

Solaris is GrandVision's sunglass brand with 1,980 corners within our store network in 36 countries. These highly visible Solaris shops are generating additional traffic while providing cross-purchasing opportunities for our customers. Solaris also operates189 stand-alone stores in high traffic locations in countries with high sunglass demand such as France, Italy, Spain and Mexico.

Solaris store, Av. des Champs-Élysées, Paris, France

Sunglasses are typically marketed as a fashion item rather than an eye care product, and as such, are generally not suitable for the large portion of the population that requires eyesight correction, as only 17% of sunglasses sold in Europe have prescription lenses. Our Solaris store-in-store concept aims to address this limitation by offering an attractive assortment of functional and fashionable sunglasses, of which 70% can be fitted with prescription lenses.