Expanding from traditional to also digital marketing

As media behavior of consumers in general is shifting online, our marketing toolkit is also expanding to include digital marketing and social media.

In addition to more traditional, above-the-line media, such as print, radio and TV, and below-the-line marketing, GrandVision retail banners are now also specializing in digital marketing. These tools include search engine optimization and paid listings, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertisement and e-mail marketing.

Digital marketing campaigns allow for targeted and personalized customer engagement by gathering and analyzing data and then creating more relevant personalized communication. Digital marketing can also be more cost effective and can be quickly and easily adapted to specific customer responses. We will continue to increase our digital marketing capabilities and improve our corporate and retail banners’ online presence and website functionalities.

In addition to this shift, GrandVision and its retail banners are actively looking to engage with customers via social media. We consider this to be an essential tool that, when managed correctly, can increase brand awareness and loyalty. Nearly all our retail banners are active on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and integrate user-generated content into their social media strategy to grow audiences, broaden their reach, and build stronger customer relationships.

Increasing social media presence

In 2016, GrandVision increased its friends and followers on social media by more than 30%, reaching more than 2 million people worldwide. An example of a successful initiatives was led by Vision Express in the UK during National Eye Health Week. The retail banner’s own ‘Vision Van’ took to the streets over a five-day period, offering free eye examinations in major cities including Brighton, Portsmouth, Swindon, Swansea, Leicester and Leeds. During the tour, Vision Express also reached out to audiences via social media channels leading to a strong increase in visitors to its website during that time. The initiative, which is illustrated in the case study 'Vision Van increases eye health awareness in the UK', also resulted in increased eye test bookings at Vision Express.