Managing for excellence

To meet our people objectives and support our global expansion, GrandVision is working on the deployment of an enhanced set of human resources capabilities. These initiatives aim to continuously improve staff efficiency, align human resources efforts, strengthen our people policies and practices, invest in common enablers, and generate efficiencies across the organization.

So far, we have implemented best practices at all levels of the organization while simultaneously developing a harmonized, more cohesive HR approach across all countries and retail banners. This ensures common HR operating principles and KPIs, and strong governance across all geographies.

Our first priority is to focus on activities that strengthen our business performance. This comprises globally leveraged services that are provided to employees, managers and applicants, with enhanced operational support and easy-to-use tools, as well as the sharing of best practice and business partnering capabilities. This also includes the deployment of functional training programs built around a common framework.

Furthermore, in 2016 we have defined a common set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we will use to report on a quarterly basis as of 2017.

Once implemented globally, these metrics will be an important step forward in our employee development efforts. The KPIs are closely aligned to our strategic goals as an integrated people-centric company that leverages its global capabilities. They provide us with accurate and timely information on the factors that drive and motivate our people, and enable us to develop more effective responses to our evolving requirements.

The KPIs will include general numbers on FTEs (store managers, optician/optical specialists, and other store employees, non-store employees, % part-time employees), productivity, retention, recruitment, vacancies, sick leave and employee survey results. In 2017, we will further develop these KPIs.