Developing our CSR ambition

To establish our CSR ambition we have conducted an internal assessment of our value chain and an analysis of the external factors that influence our business, such as local legislation, the needs of our stakeholders and of our customers. This has contributed to the selection of the themes which are most important to our organization and which we believe are also significant for our stakeholders. Our CSR ambition addresses four impact areas:

  • Improve the quality of life of customers and employees
  • Enhance socio-economic development
  • Be a responsible and trustworthy partner
  • Minimize our environmental footprint

GrandVision's CSR ambition

Our CSR ambition is in sync with our business strategy and tailored to our stakeholders’ needs as we strive to deliver positive impact in a sustainable and ethical way. Given the nature of our business, there are multiple ways in which we do this:

  • We contribute to better quality of life by improving the accessibility to high quality and affordable eye care.
  • We contribute to economic development in many countries and create value for society beyond our core business through community involvement initiatives.
  • We take responsibility for delivering all of our products and services in a sustainable and ethical manner.
  • We focus on being a good employer, on responsible sourcing and on managing our environmental footprint throughout the value chain.