CSR ambition - our focus areas

Improve the quality of life of customers and employees

By being globally active: GrandVision aims to play an important role towards ensuring that more and more people worldwide have access to the eye care, vision correction and vision protection they need. We estimate that more than 2 billion people worldwide are vision impaired but don't have access to eye care. We are working towards reducing these numbers by expanding our store network in countries with low levels of eye care penetration and through our CSR activities.

By creating high quality employment opportunities: With our global presence we are contributing to economic development by creating high quality employment opportunities. Due to acquisitions and expansions of our network we are able to offer employment opportunities both within our organization and in our supply chain.

Enhance socio-economic development in the communities we operate in

By rolling out corporate citizenship programs and community involvement initiatives: With our corporate citizenship programs and community involvement initiatives we create additional societal value. We improve access to eye care for people in need and provide them with an improved probability to succeed in education, social participation, economic development and welfare, we act beyond the local nature of our retail activities.

By meeting our tax obligations in an ethical and transparent way: GrandVision pursues a transparent and responsible tax strategy that aligns long-term interests of all stakeholders including shareholders, governments and communities. It also aims to embed tax implications in business processes where and when they originate. Our tax strategy is supported by an integrated transfer pricing approach which is based on current and future best practice guidance issued by the OECD. As a result, GrandVision is paying taxes across its value chain in the jurisdictions where the respective value is created, thereby contributing to the socio-economic development of those areas. Our CSR report in 2017 will include a more detailed description of our tax strategy.

By enabling our employees to develop professionally: We continuously invest in the expertise and capabilities of our people, and make every effort to ensure they can meet the individual eye care needs of our customers. 39,000 days in training were delivered across the GrandVision network in 2016, to develop the skills and competencies of our employees worldwide. The GV Academy provides a structure and framework to this development, allowing us to deliver ongoing learning and development in a consistent and effective manner. The GV Academy offers learning that is focused on leadership development, functional skills and technical expertise.

Be a responsible and trustworthy partner

By being a responsible employer:

Equal opportunity: GrandVision is committed to maintain responsible working conditions and benefits for all employees. We have established a fair recruitment and selection process based on objective criteria. We also promote a healthy working environment in which everyone is offered an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Employee engagement: High levels of employee engagement and alignment are essential for our organization. In 2017, we will roll out a unified approach to consistently ensure employee engagement throughout the group.

Ethics and good conduct: To earn our customers' and employees' loyalty, all our employees believe in and apply our core values – integrity, openness and a strong focus on customer service and store performance. We believe these are key ingredients of our success. It is important that we share a common understanding and a set of guidelines to help reinforce and uphold our values. For this purpose, GrandVision has a Code of Conduct and a Whistleblower Procedure that enables our people to detect and alert the organization should a deviation occur. A copy of the GrandVision Code of Conduct and Whistleblower Procedure can be found on www.grandvision.com.

An Antitrust and Competition Law Compliance policy is established across the entire group. A copy of the GrandVision Competition Law Policy can be found on www.grandvision.com.

Every GrandVision employee receives an awareness training on these topics once a year.

By sourcing our suppliers responsibly: As a trustworthy partner we are committed to ensuring we deal with suppliers that also recognize their responsibility to the people they employ and the communities they affect. GrandVision looks at its entire value chain for opportunities to foster economic stability among its suppliers.

We are committed to business practices that do not infringe on human rights and that are aligned to the various international standards for responsible business conduct, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Through our Code of Conduct, we clearly communicate our expectations in these areas and assess supplier performance. We then work with suppliers to ensure that any issues are continuously addressed.

GrandVision ensures that all suppliers receive and acknowledge a copy of our Responsible Sourcing Policy. We verify compliance with the Policy through the use of regular third-party audits. All employees engaged in procurement and with suppliers also have responsibility and accountability for compliance with the Policy.

Minimize our environmental footprint

GrandVision recognizes that caring for the environment is a major consideration when conducting business. We therefore look to minimize our environmental footprint, through our suppliers, tech-centers, logistics and stores.

By enforcing environmental management in our value chain: GrandVision seeks to balance economic initiatives with environmental needs. In doing so, it respects the requirements of the law and applicable regulations, and fully cooperates with authorities that carry out environmental checks and monitoring.

Suppliers contribute strongly to this process. In particular, if a supplier is involved in the production process they may not engage in illegal dumping or irresponsibly discard hazardous materials that may be part of their industrial waste.

Suppliers Code of Conduct

GrandVision’s suppliers must adhere to the Suppliers Code of Conduct which outlines our measures to mitigate any potentially harmful effects that their activities may have on the environment. Furthermore, our suppliers are subject to regular third-party audits in which their environmental management procedures are assessed.

By centralizing production volume to TechCenters: By moving to industrialized cut, edge and fit facilities, GrandVision is able to better control the environmental footprint of its global production activities. At the end of 2016, a significant share of all lenses in our G4 and Other Europe segments were produced at GrandVision's state-of-the-art TechCenters.

In the years ahead, we will move additional volumes to our TechCenters. We also continue to explore further measures to recycle more of our waste output and maximize the reuse of materials.

By managing our store utilities efficiently: As a global retailer we understand the impact of our stores on the environment. With 6,516 stores worldwide, a large part of our environmental impact comes from the power we use for lighting and temperature control. Such utilities are managed by the stores individually.

GrandVision standardized store concept

A standardized store design and technical specification framework has been adapted internationally throughout GrandVision. This framework includes clear guidelines for efficient technical installations such as LED lighting and efficient air conditioning systems and also a more efficient, and therefore, a reduced use of the floor space. The standardized collection of power usage data in the future will enable us to monitor our progress and implement additional tools to further reduce our environmental footprint.