In focus

Introducing new technologies for our customers' benefit

As a global leader in optical retail, GrandVision is dedicated to turning smart ideas into amazing products, from sourcing all the way to market-ready innovations. We strive to find better optical solutions across the value chain, and partner with like-minded professionals to tap fresh ideas that go beyond the present-day boundaries of our industry. Some of these new products, services and technologies are already available through our retail network.

Driver lenses

Many drivers experience glare and discomfort from oncoming headlights, reflections, low light at dusk, or during bad weather and bright sunlight. These factors cause stress to our eyes and affect our ability to drive safely.

GrandVision is providing new driver lenses with enhanced contrast features that are also reflection-free. The stronger contrast helps to improve drivers’ perception of color, while an enhanced coating removes distracting light reflections by eliminating its corresponding wavelength. The result is a lens that helps drivers see more comfortably and improves their driving. The lens is also easy to clean and has a dust repellent that keeps it clear.

Office lenses

We spend more time working with high-tech devices and displays than ever before. People who use progressive lenses benefit from being able to see at all distances, but for office situations, these lenses can be limited.

GrandVision is providing office lenses that give a wider field of vision, and have a distance that can be tailored to a customer’s individual needs for near or intermediate vision.

Fast and easy to adapt to, these high quality lenses are the perfect solution for those who spend long hours on screens at the office or at home.

Multifocal contact lenses

The use of contact lenses has normally been associated with people under the age of 40. This is because the natural age related decline in near vision that occurs after that age has required users to switch to multifocal glasses.

Thanks to technological advances, multifocal contact lenses are now available that provide clear vision at every distance. This allows people to continue wearing them for longer, and well past a certain age.

GrandVision offers this product in a wide range of materials and wearing types, including daily, bi-weekly and monthly.